How to start trading with a very small account like the professional trader

Forex trading is such a lucrative business that every single day the number of retail traders are increasing in this industry. Most of the new comer in this industry start forex trading in order to make quick money. Those who start trading the financial instrument with very little knowledge incur a huge loss in real life trading due to their lack solid trading foundation. Many new traders often start their trading career with a huge initial deposit and ultimately jeopardize their financial stability. If you truly want to master the art of forex trading then you must know all the fundamentals of this financial industry. If you are relatively new in this industry then start trading with a relatively small account. There are many sites which will tell you to start your trading career with the demo account. But in the eyes of trained professional trading the demo account doesn’t add any real life trading experience to the traders. When you are trading the financial instrument with the demo account you are basically trading without any emotions. For this reason, professional traders highly encourage to start your trading career with a very small amount of money where you will get familiarize with the intense of the emotion of forex trading. Now we will give you some extremely useful tips to start your forex trading career with a very small amount which will help you to become a professional trader in the near term future.

[warning]Develop a solid trading plan and follow money management[/warning]

Before you jump into the real world of trading go through all the possible stuff of the forex industry. If you don’t read enough then you will not be able to differentiate the good stuff with the bad stuff. If you are lucky enough then you might get a professional forex trader near you. He might act as a strong mentor for you since he has adapted all the possible criteria of the professional trader. Start studying him and analyses his every single trade in the market. If you don’t find any real successful trader then there is no need to worry since the online resources is adequate to make you a master in this industry. Go through different money management tutorials. Experts believe that proper risk management factor is the only tools that help a traders to become successful in the long run. If you don’t follow risk management factors properly then you are bound to blow up your trading account in the future. Don’t jump into many different trading strategies. Few consecutive losses in this industry don't necessarily mean that your trading strategy is not perfect rather you should focus on the longer term result of this industry. Once you have a valid trading strategy make sure that you are constantly assessing your trading performance in order to fix the bug in your trading system. Never stop learning. Even the most successful trader in this industry spends quality times in reading different educational stuff in each and every single day. As a novice trader, you must also develop a strong reading interest which will ultimately help you to conquer the forex market.

Don’t look at the size of your account capital

Most of the forex trader in this financial industry constantly monitors their trading account balance and gets crazy after incurring few consecutive losses in the market. Since your trading capital will be small you won’t have any real frightening situation if you lose all of your trading capital. Consider it as an added advantage and focus on your performance. Experts always suggest to monitor trading performance based on the number of pips gained not on the account growth. As a new trader you must target to achieve certain amount of pips every month and you should be trading with the minimum lot size offered by your broker. Don’t ever think to make money from the forex industry in your first year rather concentrate on your trading performance and knowledge. If you have consecutive losses in the market don’t get panic since losing is just an undeniable part of trading. Don’t ever give any sort of importance to your trading balance since this will destroy your trading discipline. As a matter fact if you can hold your account balance for the first year then you will have a decent profit in your trading account at the end of the year. Once you get satisfied with your trading strategy and trading discipline take your next step and invest a decent amount of money in the forex market and start living a standard life in the world of economic crisis.

Summary: Forex online trading is not an easy task neither it’s a get rich quick scheme. Like any other business trading the forex industry requires an extreme level of patience and firm execution of the strict trading plan. Make sure that your winner is bigger than your losers. Unless you develop a self-trading discipline you will never succeed in this industry. Consider forex trading as business and try to grow along with the time. Don’t ever trade with the money that you can’t afford to lose. Because if you do so then you will be under the invisible pressure of financial insecurity which will strongly effect you’re trading performance in a negative way. Don’t focus on your winner, rather concentrate on the market behavior and also try to understand the dynamic movement of the financial instruments. Once you develop a strong trading discipline then you will see that trading is not at all a difficult task rather it’s a unique job for the smart investors only.