technical analysis

Major three type of analysis in the forex market

Trading the forex market can extremely difficult if you are relatively new in this industry. There are many traders in the world who are making consistent profit out of trading the financial instrument. But the number of successful trader in this industry compared to the losers is extremely small. Statistics suggest that out of 100 traders only 5 people are making consistent profit out of trading the forex market. The rest who are losing money is only because of their lack of trading knowledge and discipline. Imagine how many years that the engineers spend in their education before they get involved in real life paid engineering job? Similarly almost every professional requires extensive training for making a decent income. But when it comes to forex trading all the traders think to get rich quick over the night. But forex is not a get rich quick scheme. In order to make

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Forex trading

Key advantages of trading the financial instrument in the forex market

The number of forex traders are increasing day by day to its lucrative profit potential. But trading the financial instrument in the live market involves huge risk. There are many traders in this industry who have lost their hard earned money in the forex market due their lack of trading skills and discipline. The number of successful traders in this area is very less compared to any other business. Statistically speaking only 5 % of the traders are making consistent profit in this market and the rest 95% are losing money. So why we should be trading the forex market where the success rate is only 5 %? The answer is pretty simple. Once you master the art of forex trading there is no limit to your potential earnings. You will always earn a decent amount in contrast to your initial deposit. It’s always better to know the pros and

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Trading forex

Getting familiar with the forex environment and trading platform

Forex market is a lucrative industry where you can make huge amount of money if know how to trade the financial instrument properly. Trading the financial instrument is not an easy task and it requires an extreme level of skills and proper understanding about the financial industry. Those who are trading the financial market successfully have gone through many difficult stages. In order to master the art of forex trading, you must have a valid trading strategy and solid trading plan. As a professional trader you must be the architect of your own trading environment and you should have a solid grasp about the different functionality available in your trading platform. In this article, we will briefly describe the perfect forex trading environment and trading platform. Trading Environment Trading environ is such a place where the traders get access to the financial industry to execute their buy and sell order

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forex for begginer

Basic concepts about the forex market for the beginners

There are many different types of jobs in the world which can help you to lead your life. But when it comes to financial freedom all the peoples look for such an opportunity which will allow them to earn a decent income. By the word decent we are referring to sufficient that means we will have enough money even after full filling all our daily needs. Nowadays lots of people are investing in forex in order to secure their financial freedom. Forex trading is not an easy task, it requires a solid trading foundation and a clear understanding of the financial market. Like any other business trading, the forex requires an extreme level of discipline and proper execution of the trading plan. Most of the retail traders in this industry fail to earn money from the forex industry since they consider it as a money making the machine. They want

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